Ethics Review Process

I created this ethics review process based on my work with different types of organizations in the private and nonprofit sector. The process is applicable to all organizational types and sizes. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

AI Ethics for Nonprofits Toolkit & Training

In 2020, I led the development of an AI Ethics for Nonprofits Toolkit in collaboration with NetHope’s AI Working Group (global NGOs), USAID, and MIT D-Lab. Since the launch in December 2020, the AI Ethics toolkit has been recognized by and included in other global initiatives, such as the AI Fairness Global Library, an initiative of the World Economic Forum’s Global Future Council on AI for Humanity. In 2021, I led the design and implementation of virtual AI ethics trainings and train-the-trainer workshops with nonprofit participants from all over the world, including Global South.

Link to the toolkit.

AI Suitability Toolkit for Nonprofits

In 2019, I co-led the development of the AI Suitability Toolkit for Nonprofits. The goal of the toolkit is to increase nonprofits’ capacity to evaluate, develop, procure, and use AI / Machine Learning (ML) in their work so they can make informed decisions, do their work better, anticipate issues that might arise from AI, and ensure that people in need are aware of the technologies that affect them and their communities.

Link to the toolkit.

Virtual Facilitation Guide for Workshops and Virtual Meetings

Whether it’s a strategic workshop, a team meeting, or an online conference, creating virtual environments for individuals and teams to connect, collaborate, and learn is the new normal. This Guide is designed to give you the tools you need to excel as a facilitator from day one.It’s geared towards increasing your facilitation capability, whether you’re a first-time facilitator or need a refresher. The first installment of the guide covers Planning, Implementation, and Follow Up steps. It also provides several tips and examples along the way.

Link to the guide.